Monbento logo

Story of the company

Emilie Creuzieux (CEO and co-founder of Monbento) discovered the bento box as a way to fulfill her need to eat quickly and healthily while at work.

Not available in Europe, she ordered her first bento box through a Japanese website and introduced the concept to her family and friends.

Following extensive market research, Emilie and two other co-founders opened the website in 2009.

One year after, they decided to create their own bento boxes under their proper brand: Monbento.

Soon after the range of products expanded to include accessories and other products for beverages.

Beginning in 2013, Monbento which has become a global brand, headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand (France), opened 2 subsidiaries: one in Hong Kong and one in New-York.

Evolution of the brand

In 2010, Monbento was identified as a bento brand as the main products were bentos and as all the other were accessories adapted to these bentos.

In 2012 Monbento published its first cook book providing recipes and fun culinary facts for use with the bento box.

Last year, the design team further expanded the line into beverages and containers leading Monbento to become recognized as a to-go tableware brand.

Today. Now that the company is celebrating its fifth birthday, Monbento is more than a products brand, it is now regarded as a lifestyle brand

Monbento will fit into different retail settings perfectly, including gift, fashion, gourmet and department stores

Monbento has embraced high design with high functionality plus some other benefits, including:

Time Saver - prepare your meals in advance and simply heat in the bento box

Money Saver –prepare all your meals at home, use leftovers from previous meals and

Eat Healthier - you know what you put in your bento box and the amount allows you to eat a balanced meal, stopping you from over eating.

Other important information

Awarded: Red Dot Design award for the MB Original in 2012, GIA category “design” the same year for the same product and this year for the bowl MB Lib.

Reusable products avoid the use of disposable packagings and reduce waste

Products are all BPA free. Most Monbento products are microwave and dishwasher safe (refer to each individual product instruction manual)

All products comply with FDA rules and guidelines

Monbento products are highly functional, stylish, colorful and fun!