Welcome to the Good Life!

We are most grateful to each of you who attended our January Show. With our lines and many of our manufacturers present, we experienced positive business. Of course, having dating, free freight, and special buy opportunities assisted in good sales. Look for new specials for the July show.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

We take great pride in partnering with our customers and manufacturers in bringing you buying opportunities for all seasons. Further, ask your sales rep about in-store sales incentives, product demonstrations, vendor day, sales training, and bridal registry.

As we seek to sell an experience of life, it is our goal and commitment to our customers to select products from key manufacturers that allow our customers to do well. In addition, with our experience and support, we partner with our customers to make that a reality.

We will continue to update our Website listing events, special promotions, product information, and marketing tools to assist our customers.

“Your good success is our mission!”
Gus Dallas

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  • Architec™


  • BIA 2015 product sampling

    BIA Cordon Bleu

    BIA Cordon Bleu searches the far corner of the world for fun, functional and fashionable ceramics and kitchenware for home and professional use.

    Their vision is to provide you innovative solutions for cooking, serving and entertaining. Whether it is in the comfort of your home, or in a 5-star restaurant, BIA strives to consistently offer you the highest quality products, at the best values.

  • Riedel 2015 ad


    Established 1756 Family Owned. Recognized worldwide for designing and producing the highest quality glasses and decanters for the enjoyment of wine and spirits.

    Riedel has researched the grape varietal sensation, leading to the conclusion, on which the world's wine experts agree; that the enjoyment of aroma, taste, texture and finish of a wine, is maximized by using the right 'wine tool'.

    A Riedel glass turns a sip of wine into a celebration!

  • Now Designs 2015 product sampling

    Now Designs News

    With excitement, we are pleased to introduce the winter collection.

    Decorating with warm neutrals, berry red and winter evergreens bring the holidays to life.

    Birds of the season dot festive prints, while plaids in red and green weave a rich backdrop for every celebration.

    Visit the collection in our LA showroom.